We have endorsement from the ACT Animal Welfare Ethics Committee and we consider ourselves to be ethical and humane in the way we treat our chicks. If you have any concerns or any questions, please ring us to discuss.

 before and after the program


Anyone booking a hatching chicks program has access to a video on our website, showing the Hatching Chicks Farm, where they will see our Hens, Roosters and Ducks that produce the eggs for hatching, living happily and free range.


We look after our birds very well, so they produce healthy chicks and ducklings. Unfortunately, we do get the occasional health problem arise and although we can’t control this, we offer good advice and support that has grown out of our 18 years of experience Hatching Chicks.



For Chicks and Ducklings hatched at schools, child care centers and aged care facilities, staff are given detailed instructions on how best to care for them and 24hr back up support.


2 Week Program Concludes

Chickens Returned to Hatching Chicks


Approximately 50% come back to the farm. Most are then sold as young unsexed chicks to hobby farmers and the remainder are then raised by us to 6 weeks old and the females are sold as layers for backyards and hobby farms. The Roosters are sold to people who like to raise their own healthy free-range poultry to eat.



Chickens Kept by Organisations


Approximately 50% get sold or given away by the organisations doing the program. We provide detailed information for them to hand out to anyone taking chicks/ducklings home. We also provide a rooster pick up service when chicks are at least 6 weeks old and roosters can be identified.



The Hatching Chicks Farm

Sydney, Illawarra and  Canberra!


Hatching Chicks is a family owned business which has been operating successfully from Canberra to Sydney south and the Illawarra since 2000. Hatching Chicks brings the farm to you, giving you the opportunity to watch a chicken hatching from its shell and growing for the first two weeks of its life.


Start hatching Today!


All you have to do is make contact with Hatching Chicks and we'll do the rest. Hatching Chicks will deliver to your door and once the two week program has finished everything will be picked up, including any unwanted chickens.

FOR BOOKINGS - Call Liane on 0413 783 734


Email lianer@ozemail.com.au

Brooding Basics 101


If you decide to keep some chickens you will find that caring for them is immensely satisfying and surprisingly easy. You can feed them your household scraps and in return you will be supplied with fresh free-range eggs and manure for your garden.