Canberra's Best!


Hatching Chicks is a family owned business which has been operating successfully in Canberra and surrounding districts since 2000. Located in the heart of Canberra, Hatching Chicks brings the farm to you.

Giving you the opportunity to watch a chicken hatching from it's shell and growing for the first two weeks of it's life.


Start hatching Today!


All you have to do is make contact with Hatching Chicks and we'll do the rest. Hatching Chicks will deliver to your door and once the two week program has finished everything will be picked up, including any unwanted chickens.

Brooding Basics 101


If you decide to keep some chickens you will find that caring for them is immensely satisfying and surprisingly easy. You can feed them your household scraps and in return you will be supplied with fresh free-range eggs and manure for your garden.

FOR BOOKINGS - Call Liane on 0413 783 734